QDOS Local Insight by Invest Penang

 QDOS Local Insight by Invest Penang

At a Glance

Principal Activity(ies):

  • Circuit design and prototype
  • Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC & FPCA)
  • Semiconductor substrates ( FCCSP, FCBGA, SiP, TAB, WBBGA & QFN)


Manufacturing facility:

  1. Bayan Lepas Industrial Estate, Penang, Malaysia
  2. Batu Kawan Industrial Park, Penang, Malaysia
  3. Xiamen, China

Number of Employees:


Revenue (2020):

~RM290 million


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • TS 16949
  • Canon Green Procurement

Core Competency(ies):

  • Cadence-based circuit design
  • Laser direct imaging
  • Electrolytic copper pillar plating
  • Electroless plating (ENIG, ENEPIG, Desmear & Eless Copper)
  • Electrolytic NiAu and NiPdAu plating
  • Blind-via & through-via drilling (UV laser, CO2 laser, CNC)
  • Anisotropic SAP etching
  • ABF vacuum lamination
  • Circuit board failure analysis (XRF, SEM-EDX, AAS, XPS, FTIR)
  • FPC-based assembly


Contact Person:

Ann Kam
Email: ann.kam@qdos.com.my


Established in 1994, Qdos is a pioneer manufacturer of Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) and Semiconductor Substrates in Malaysia. Equipped with highly automated state-of-the-art facilities, Qdos provides a comprehensive solution, covering circuit design, prototype fabrication, mass production and assembly.

Key Products and Services

From operating mobile phones, powering medical machinery to enabling automotive electronics in vehicles, flexible printed circuit boards (FPCBs) function behind the scenes, connecting electrical components to activate a plethora of simple and complex appliances. Topping the technological sector in designing and manufacturing FPCBs and IC substrates, Qdos surges ahead as a one-stop solutions provider in this region.

An acclaimed pioneer in the FPCB industry, Qdos has substantially expanded operations since its establishment 27 years ago. Attaining considerable success after its diversification into the semiconductor substrate field, Qdos acknowledges its operational excellence, versatility and innovation as the propellers to progress.

Keen on modernising operations management systems to create more cutting-edge products, Qdos focuses its latest research and development efforts on its state-of-the-art factory located at Batu Kawan Industrial Park, Penang. The Industry 4.0-compliant factory is equipped with an automated chemical dispensing centre and is based on the semi-additive process, producing circuit board five times smaller than the average for better gadget mobility.

Industrial 4.0 concept smart factory at Batu Kawan Plant. 6-Axis Yaskawa robotic arm being used for loading and unloading of substrate panels.
Precision visual inspection and measurement station to ensure product quality and reliability.

Deriving principles from its company initials, Qdos promises quality, delivery and outstanding services to its clients. Qdos will continue to drive for operational excellence, uphold quality expectations and performance alongside its customers, in the numerous critical in-house process technologies like photolithography imaging, SAP etching, electro-plating, ABF lamination, laser micro-via drilling, ENEPIG and automated visual inspection. Qdos stays open to new ideas, welcoming long-term partnerships and collaborations with experienced technology partners.

Strength & Presence

  • Approximately 1300 full time employees
  • 3 manufacturing plants – Bayan Lepas & Batu Kawan (Malaysia) and Xiamen (China)
  • Covering up to 380,000 ft2 of production floor area
  • Equipped with 8 in-house SMT lines for FPCA
  • Multi-lingual sales team – English, Mandarin, Japanese, Bahasa, Hindi and Cantonese
  • Products ensure signal integrity of mission-critical communications in over 30 countries
  • Half of the top 10 smartphone OEMs rely on Qdos’ touch panel FPCs
  • Find Qdos product in one out of three DSLR cameras
  • Over 10 car models are assembled with ‘Qdos-inside’ (Eg Ferrari F149, Bentley BY621 etc.)