Qdos started in 1993 applying Cupric Chloride etching for our FPC circuit formation. ~30 years later this process has continued to provide cost effective solutions to majority of our customer requirements. The process technology has evolved after recent innovations and investment, enabling us to form 30um copper traces. The details of our Substrative Etching process technology, including L/S, critical dimensions, corresponding materials etc. can be navigated here.



After 20 years of excellence in etching technology, Qdos co-developed and invested in Molded Interconnect Substrate technology, enabling Semi-Additive Process technology in 2013. SAP has propelled Qdos to serve high-end fine-line requirements in semiconductor industry and spawned more R&D innovations including FCBGA substrates and sputtered-core substrate. Our Batu Kawan factory was established in 2018 in order to commercialize the successful R&D. The details of our SAP technology including 15/15um L/S, 75um SRO etc. can be explored here.

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