Automatic or semi-automatic circuits formation/circuits protection/circuits finishing facilities.

  • VCP – Vertical Continuous Plating for CU plating.
  • Plasma cleaning for rigid-flex and multi-layered flex.
  • UV laser-cutting for quick turn samples.
  • LDI – Laser direct imaging for fine pitch flex & HMLV.
  • AOI – Automatic optical inspection for circuits formation.
  • Automatic outline punching.
  • Jet scrubbing for improving surface
  • finishing.
5 in 1 Automated Machine

5 in 1 Automated Machine

RTR Copper Plating

RTR Copper Plating

Hitachi CNC Drilling (200k rpm)

Hitachi CNC Drilling (200k rpm)

RMS Handler

Auto Optical Inspection (AOI)

Auto Optical Repair (AOR)

CO2 Laser

Laser Direct Imaging (LDI)

Roll To Roll Exposure

Auto CCD Fine Line Exposure